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What can I say... hockey is our national sport. If you ask regular Canadians, you might say they're a bit nuts for it. The hockey pucks, skating up and down the ice, and maybe a couple quick cold ones between shifts (okay, maybe more than a couple!).

I guess if you were to come up with a favourite sport for Canadians, it would be hockey: fast, fun, with enough chills and spills to make your uncle spit his beer all over the front row. Here's a couple facts that you should think about next time you're thinking about hockey:


Hey, it's part of the game. So don't blame me next time you're roughed up on the ice. But don't worry: a little bit of roughhousing never hurt anyone. I guess that's why they call Canada "the land of ice and snow."

The Sticks

Okay, who could play hockey without their trusty hockey stick? I know that when I'm skating down the ice full blast, the only thing on my mind is, How am I gonna score on the net?

The answer? It might be a little bit simpler than you think: the hockey stick.

The Pucks

This is the one they use to keep track of the score in the big game. If you ask me, this is the most important part of the game. So, next time you're looking for a sport to name Canada's own, why don't you try hockey? It might just be the most Canadian thing you've ever done.